Building competence

Currently, we offer training in five professions:

  • Masons
  • Poly mechanics
  • Electricians
  • Auto mechanics
  • biological farmers – EPAL

To us, it is important to prepare our apprentices in an excellent manner for their professional careers in theory and in practice. In addition we aim to foster their social competence on the basis of Christian values. By this, a sustainable technical and social development is spurred. For our training, we employ qualified teachers.  The theoretical courses take entirely place on our premises in the quarters of Yimporima in Natitingou. Essential practical experience is gained in our workshops as well as on various construction sites.

The training in videos

Presenting our training offer


For the training in masonry, you are theoretically and practically formed in the art of construction and building technology during 3 years. You will learn to handle different types of construction materials as well as gain knowledge in various types of buildings and construction forms. You can apply and augment your skill in the course of divers projects. We are constantly working on construction sites at the center or for external clients, for which we fabricate different kinds of buildings. At the end of the training, you will be capable of constructing stable, nice-looking structures in a precise, good-structured and rapid way.

The subject-specific focuses of the trainig are:

  • Planning of constructions and use of tools
  • Safety and health protection during work
  • Fabrication of bricks of different forms and out of different materials
  • Production of pieces from concrete, cement, earth and stones
  • Fabrication and use of formworks
  • Plastering buildings
  • Renovation and maintenance work of structures

Poly mechanic

For a total of 4 years you get some comprehensive training in the field of poly mechanics. For this, you receive theoretical and practical lessons the two field metal construction and mechanics. In the course of various internal projects and customer demands you can use your acquired skills and constantly hone your abilities. Thanks to our vast number of machines for different processes you will gain experience in all of the integral aspects of metalworking and fabrication of pieces and will be able to apply them in practice.

The subject-specific focuses of the training are:

  • Metal theory (properties of substances like aluminium, iron and steel)
  • Mathematics (Calculation of surfaces and volumes)
  • Construction technique (Fabrication of windows, doors, gates, furniture and scaffoldings)
  • Metal processing (Measuring, cutting, welding)
  • Production of components (Measuring, grinding, milling, drilling, turning)
  • Analysis of defects on machines and components
  • Technical drawing


You will be trained for 3 years in the art of electrical installations. The theoretical training will be complemented by many practical exercises . During various projects you can gradually improve your capacities. We do all electrical installations on our premises ourselves. Moreover, we hook up different products and lay the conduits in buildings for our external clients. In this way you get to know yll of the important subjects in the field of electrical installation.

The subject-specific focuses of the training are:

  • Technological basics (mathematics, power supply, mechanics, electro chemistry)
  • Technical documentation (installation schemes, Pump commands, divers circuits)
  • Processing technology (materials science, work safety & organisation)
  • Sanitary technics
  • System technics (series connection & parallel connection, heating and cooling devices, photovoltaics, transformators & magnetic fields, engines)

Car mechanic

You receive a theoretical and practical training of 3 years in auto mechanics. You get taught in the basic classes and during work on divers old pieces and defect cars you will gain a lot of useful practical experience. You will learn how to professionally repair, do maintenance works and overhauling on different vehicle types. We attach importance to a practical training, which finds repair solutions enabling cars to run again properly at long term after the defect was removed.

The subject-specific focuses of the training are:

  • Cunstruction and functioning of a vehicle and its components
  • Defect analysis on vehicles
  • Professional and sustainable remove of defects
  • Planning and conduct of recurring inspectations
  • Procurement of spare parts
  • Exchanging defect parts and examining wear parts

Biological farmer

During 18 months you are taught in ecological agriculture and horticulture. In addition to theoretical contents about the production and use of fertilizer and plants our focus in training is on practice. You will be out in the fields of EPAL every day to collect insights in how biological cultivation of crop plants, by using our methods, enhances yields and spare natural ressources. Furthermore, you will be shown the correct analysis of the yields, which plants are usefully planted during which season of the year and how daily care leads to success.

The subject-specific focuses of the training are:

  • Fabrication and application of biological compost as fertilizer
  • Rotation in cultivation and regeneration of soils
  • Natural protection of plants against parasites
  • Correct irrigation and cultivation methods
  • Information about contents of plants and how to use them in healthcare
  • Food conservation


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