Currently, we offer training in five professons:

  • Masons
  • Poly mechanics
  • Electricians
  • Car mechanics
  • biological farmers


Masons are necessary at every time and in every place on earth. In Benin, the demand for properly constructed private houses is growing due to the rapid growth in population. And for public buildings or production plants, well-trained masons are indispensable, too. In many cases, the modest flats in Benin are not safe and not stable. Qualified masons help implementing an infrastructure, which enables single persons to live more comfortable and which supports the country to provide necessary buildings for the fortification of the industry, of public organisation and of the healthcare system. To this, it is pivotal to cope with all the available construction material, like cement, clay, earth and stones in order to provide pretty and sustainable buildings, which on the one side shelter their occupants and on the other side provide perfect conditions for workers.

Among the main tasks of masons are:

  • Construction of buildings and other structures
  • Fabrication of construction materials out different substances
  • Laying the basement of a building
  • Production and Application of frameworks
  • Plastering buildingsĀ 
  • Road construction

Poly mechanic

There is a multitude of job abilities of poly mechanics. The growing use of mechanic and technical processing does not simply help in the fabrication of high-quality products and the appropriate conduct of repaires, but also provides many jobs for well-trained specialists. Without these mechanics, economic progress is impossible. They are needed for putting every sort of machine into practice so that they work on a reliable basis. Moreover, they prepare necessary steel constructions. The work as a poly mechanic is highly comprehensive and offers a lot of variety. Whereas the metalworking is primarily occupied with fabricating components such as doors and furniture, the mechanics part by means of reparation and production of apt pieces guarantees the correct working of production machines. Thus, poly mechanics take an essential role in the development of the country, by providing the basic conditions for efficient and effective work.

Among the main tasks of a poly mechanics are:

  • Cutting and connecting steel parts
  • Fabrication of steel constructions (e.g. furniture, doors, windows)
  • Planning and production of machine components
  • Analysis and repair of defect machines


With the progressing electricity in Benin, the damand for well-trained electricians for the installation and maintenance of electrical devices rapidly increases, too. This profession is pivotal for the countriy’s economic progress. Connecting single housholds and public administration buildings to electricity forms an integral part for bringing better life to millions of people. Electricity not only helps people using longer periods per day productively for work and learning, but but also the application of modern work means like PCs, Internet, production machines and electrical tools is only possible once they are correctly connected. And even for the conservation and preparation of food there grow many new possibilites. Only when electricity is reliable and constantly available for huge areas, lots of people can be lifted out of porverty and start a better life. Hence, electricians are this important for the whole country.

Among the main tasks of an electrician are:

  • Connection and maintenance of sanitary complexes and water pumps
  • Electrical cabling of houses and buildings
  • Removing electrical problems on machines
  • Connecting electrical components and installing systems for power generation (e.g. photovoltaics)
  • Conception and application of circuits

Car mechanic

Inevitably the use of automobiles in Benin will increase throughout the upcoming years. In order to professionally and sustainably repair the mostly old models well-trained car mechanics are required. Growing mobility contributes in many ways to a country’s economic development. Not only are the positions of trade and transport firms fortified, but in general, corporal relations can be created and uphold on long term far easier. To this, enhanced use of vehicles for contact and cooperations is necessary. Due to partly bad streets and the fact that lots of cars are already used, proper repair and maintenance work is highly important. It is to be considered that defects are removed in a way which allows the car to run again without problems for a long time, and that broken parts are replaced by good-quality spare parts. For this, well-qualified specialists are often lacking. However, the correct repair and the anticipatory service on vehicles is without doubt part of the economic progress.

Among the main tasks of a car mechanics are:

  • Analysis and identification of problem zones on a vehicle
  • Removing defects on car components
  • Procurement and installation of spare parts
  • Recurring control and maintenance of vehicles
  • Consulting clients regarding car service and repairĀ 

Biological farmer

An increasing population, shrinking water resources and the global warming are challenging the food production and the supply in drinking water in Benin. To surmount these difficulties a ressource saving, efficient agriculture is highly necessary. This is why biological farmers will take a leading role in providing population in the long term with enough food and in restoring drinking water ressources. Ecological agriculture and horticulture serves to improve crop yields while sparing natural resources and increasing the groundwater level. In this way, the use of natural fertilizer, the rotation of cultures, and the constant covering of the soil lead to a sustainaibe improvement in soil fertility. In addition, by protecting the soil from drying out, it can accommodate more rain and transport it to the water table.

Among the main tasks of a biological farmer are:

  • Planting, care and harvesting all types of useful plants and fruits
  • Fabrication and application of biological fertilizer and pesticides
  • Food conservation
  • Preserving creation through the respectful use of natural resources and strengthening them


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