This is how it works

  • Application and entrance test

    Send us your completed registration form

  • Probation period (1 month)

    You do an internship at the center

  • Training (3-4 years)

    You complete your training at the center

  • Graduation


The fees for the training are at 150.000 FCFA per year in the craft trades and at 75.000 FCFA per year for the agricultural training. This comprises lodging and food in the CFL.
The exact payment conditions are as follows:

  • At inscription: 60.000 FCFA (EPAL : 30.000 FCFA)
  • End of January: 50.000 FCFA (EPAL : 25.000 FCFA)
  • End of March: 40.000 FCFA (EPAL : 20.000 FCFA)


  • Completed secondary school or higher
  • Capability to integrate in a group
  • Motivation


There are group appartments on the premises of the CFL with a maximum of six beds per room available for all students. Every apprentice is free to use this offer. Moreover, the apprentices get nutrition on all 7 days per week. During the week, the cooking staff of the CFL prepares the food, at the weekend the apprentices are requested to prepare meals themselves using alimentation provided by the center.

Teaching materials

We train in French and for the most part with materials from Switzerland. We have several class rooms and for some purposes the apprentices have even laptops at their disposition. Moreover, the CFL disposes of an internal IT-system, which allows every apprentice to access all learning stuff with a mobile phone without need to be connected to the Internet. In addition to the profession specific lessons, the apprentices are educated in biblical-ethical subjects as well as in English, IT, finance and health.


At the end of successfully finished training of 3 to 4 years, every apprentice receives a diploma in the course of a solemn ceremony. The diploma is a proof for the acquired knowledge and skills and contains a final performance evaluation.


To apply, bring or send the following documents:

  • Copy of your school report or PEBC-transcript.
  • Recommendation of a contact person.
  • The completed information sheet, which can be downloaded below or obtained directly at the center.
  • Copy of your birth certificate or an equivalent document.

If you want more information, you will get it from our responsible persons at the center.


Every apprentices starting a training at the CFL, declares to comply with the official regulations of the center.