Metal / mechanic construction

In our mechanics shop we fabricate various metal components and properly repair defect machines and devices. Our employees and apprentices love to take care of your request and ensure a fast and high-quality processing of your order.
Principally, we carry out the following work:

  • Production of doors, gates and windows
  • Fabrication of scaffoldings, e.g. for roof constructions
  • Various joinery work
  • Fabrication of furniture
  • Repair of small machines
  • Repair of agricultural machines
  • Fabrication of mechanical spare parts of all kinds

On request we also provide solutions for individual problems. Just come by and tell us about your request.

Construction service

At the CFL, we use and improve traditional construction technics with local material as well as traditional hand craft and combine them with modern elements. We perform the entire construction process beginning with the laying of the foundation and ending with the covering of the roof. In doing so, we ensure that our buildings are beautifully crafted. 
Design and quality of our buildings are famous in all of the country. Depending on suitability and requirements, we construct with cement, earth or stone. In addition to our own construction projects (all of the buildings on our site are built by ourselves), we also gladly fulfil orders for customers. We not only construct simple houses, but also more complex buildings or pools and provide beautiful interior decoration.
Do you have a construction projet? Contact us for the realization.

Solar energy & electrical installation

We build and mount photovoltaic systems and maintain them. Moreover, we manufacture solar-powered water pumps and large water storage tankes, install both professionally and take care of the complete connection of all pipes and electrical modules. We also happily carry out other electrical connections or the wiring of entire buildings. In addition, we fabricate solar ovens and dolar dryers in various sizes.
For inquiries, please just phone us or come see us at our site. We are glad to find a suitable solution for you.

Vehicle repair

In our car workshop with excellent equipment we ensure that defective vehicles run again without problems. In addition to normal repair work, we are also glad to perform regular services and overhauls of cars and trucks. We have some spare parts on stock, whereas we order necessary special parts  for a low price and quickly install them on our site. In this way we solve any problem with the engine, clutch, battery, brake or other components. Even for individual defects we find a solution with pleasure.
If you want to let your vehicle get checked or repaired, just visit us. Currently, our workshop  is expanded in order to be able to deal with even more external customer enquiries.