Our Vision

Complying with the Christian obligation to charity, we use our resources for the benefit of the society to help disadvantaged people leaving poverty and living a life in dignity and independance. With our training we enable young Africans to take charge of their lives and change them in a sustainable and positive way.

Our Mission

In order to realize our vision, we commit ourselves with all our energy to the following:

  • Stimulate a long-lasting, positive development in economy and society
  • Offering to young persons a high-quality, complete professional training in theory and practice from all social classes, regardless of tribal and religious background and sex
  • Training qualified specialists who rapidly contribute their knowledge in the job market and take a leading role in the country’s development by acting actively and responsibly
  • By teaching the necessary know-how, enabling that processing of materials remains in the country to create jobs and and a self-sufficient economy
  • Building relations with national and international organisations to increase the positive impact of our work even more effectively and on a wider range

Our goals

To actively realize our mission, we set some challenging goals:

  • Constant improvement of the CFL’s organisation by implementing and regularly updating of administrative, financial and technical structures and procedures
  • Maintaining and expanding the competitiveness of the CFL by developing a comprehensive, uniform training concept for a consistently high level of our training 
  • Extension of the CFL’s scope of action to the national level in order to offer even more young people the possibility of taking a professional trainig
  • Developpment of sociocultural projects to the benefit of society
  • Extension of our program EPAL (biological agriculture) in order to anchor the importance of environmentally friendly, resource saving agriculture deeply in the values of society and to guarantee in the long term a healthy supply of food and drinking water 

Our values

All our actions are guided by the following values:

  • Aiming at highest quality in our work
  • Solidarity and a healthy community based on respect and honest relations
  • Actively living our united Christian values (integrity, honesty, punctuality, willingness to help, justice)
  • Environmental protection by responsibly treating natural resources
  • Exemplary action in word and deed

Why we build on training

It is our conviction that good education is the source for all social and economic development. Without education, progress is unthinkable. This is why, with our training program, we offer comprehensive trainings following high standards. By this, our graduates gain possibility to shape their future independantly and to inspire sustainable positive change, which spur the country’s development. That a professional training can improve the life of every individual is shown by official statistics of the WHO. For Sub-Saharan Africa every additional educational year grows the average income for women by 14% and for men by 11%. For Benin, this means, that one single year used for training, moves the current annual average income of about 500,000 CFA (870 US$ or 860 CHF) thanks to the higher education to about 560,000 CFA (980 US$ or 965 CHF). Thus, training leads to economic progress, what itself allows the government to invest in social systems. In this way, a virtuous circle to the benefit of the whole country is created.