The primary school “Ecole Primaire Liweitari” (EPL) is situated in the quarter Tchirimina, about 3 kilometres from the CFL, and direction was taken by the latter in 2017. Since this time, the CFL looks for the order, surveillance and administration of the financial part and, in addition, cares about the renovation and the upkeeping of the school building. The primary school provides the important basic knowledge for girls and boys from poor conditions.  

Education at the EPL

The primary school “Ecole Primaire Liweitari” (EAD), formerly known as “Ecole Amour de Dieu”, provides basic education to children out of poor conditions. Many of the more than 150 pupils are from the neighboring orphanage. To guarantee an elevated education level to the disadvantaged children, they are only asked to pay a minor fee. For the most part, the school is financed by the CFL. In this way, the teachers are paid and some renovations of the formerly ailing school building can be carried out to put the infrastructe into an appropriate state. The education is essential in teaching the children the basic knowledge so that they can take on secondary education and later learn a profession to lead an independant life. The children are primarily educated in the basic classes like reading, writing and calculating. In addition, as the mother tongue of the children is a local language, it is attached importance to a good education in French. Furthermore, there are classes about ethical-biblical subjects, laying a basis for the children to become responsible adults with high moral standards, who do well integrate into community


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